What We Do

We make butting-kicking videos! Kawaaabanga! Corporate videos, viral videos, music videos and the occasional wedding video are just our cuppa tea.

Why We Do

Because we believe in the power of video! As the perfect tool to communicate your message, and to stimulate your audience's senses.

How We Do

We engage the best team of producers, directors, cameraman, voice over artist, animators to editors for every project. No matter how big, or how small.

When We Do

We spring into action the moment that you're ready to communicate your message to the world with video. So feel free to give us a call whenever you need a kick ass video!


Hidden Cities Extreme with Simon Yin (Season 2)

Editing Hidden Cities Extreme is just like the show… It’s EXTREME. There’s tons of great material that was shot on location, and Simon Yin is seriously the most animated travel host I’ve ever come across. He’s hilarious, cheeky, energetic and game to try just about anything and everything. My favourite part editing for this episode [...]


Raising funds for charity by… Pole Dancing?

You know that the world is changing when pole dancing, once relegated to sleazy strip clubs, take center stage and hit the mainstream crowd to raise over $12K for charity in one single night! WOW. Supreme kudos to the gusto of our three local celebrities Hossan Leong, Irene Ang and Tan Kheng Hua for putting [...]


Meet Singapore’s ‘Mother Teresa’

Over the moon that our video about 113 year old Humanitarian, Teresa Hsu is featured in Yahoo News today! May her spirit inspire others! Namaste. “Under our “Inspiring People” monthly column, we highlight the incredible journey of one person who has overcome tremendous odds to achieve personal success. This column celebrates the triumph of the human spirit and we hope [...]